The Truth about Me!

I thought id start off with a little introduction for all of my possible readers out there – My name is Michelle (hello), im a 23 year old girl from Northern ireland –

The reason i started this blog was because i have a rare condition called Situs Inversus Totalis, which means in english that i never developed to my full potential in the womb and my organs (top half, heart, lungs, kidneys etc etc, never turned the whole 360 degrees they should have and instead ended up backwards) however i only found out about this when i turned 21 due to a recent bad lung infection the hospital decided to do a routine chest scan on me and the doctors discovered all of this, incredible right? Well as i was saying, the reason for the blog is that i use instagram like most of us lot out there do, for our selfies and random food photographs, but i found that my #situsinversus was getting quite a few questions from people out there who were having kids that are going to be born this way or just wanted more information, which is when i realised that you know what? there isn’t enough info out there from a first hand basis, its all science and doctors and comes across as kinda scary!? trust me – i know this because when i found out, i did what most people do and started to Google things!!! bad idea buddy! this is when you get confused, scared and downright terrified of the prospect your child or you have this condition. So i’m hoping this blog will show a lighthearted insight into whats it really like.

Along the way i’m just going to throw in some personal information and stories aswell as stuff I think readers will enjoy,

Ciao x


2 thoughts on “The Truth about Me!

  1. Hi Michelle, it’s Yasmin here from Instagram. Great blog that you have started it will be great for other people dealing with this condition to get information from you rather than google as I did that & it absolutely terrified me!!
    I do have a few questions, in your family was it just you that has this condition ? Were any of your family affected also ?
    It’s just the specialists I’ve seen said it could be possibly genetic, only going back as far as we can no one in mine of my partners family have this condition? ‘As far as we know’ meaning if they have or had they never knew either but, we think that’s highly unlikely.
    Do you have Kartaganers Syndrome ? I only ask that because you said you suffered from a bad chest infection.
    I know we’ve spoken before to which I know you’ve lead a normal healthy life but I just ask so I can make myself fully aware of everything associated with this condition to best look after my baby boy.
    Yasmin x

    • hey yasmin, far as we know none of mt family have had it, but it could be somewhere along the past and noone realised. I am being tested for kartenger so should find out in august if that is the case or not!im just doin blood test chest xrays nd scans sinus scans and heart scans at the min so il update this as much I can so u can find out more 🙂 x

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