Where do i find it?

Ive had such problems with finding out information about my condition, and finding sites that dont scare me into being worried about how i am, Alot of sites tell you that there is no complications and that you live a long healthy life, and while this may be true for some people, anyone i have met with this condition does have some amount of problems, whether they be little or severe.

I have talked to a few people that i found through instagram who have the condition and they have told me about what problems they have been going through and i have found it really interesting, probably more because at this stage i am being tested for so many different things its kinda like a glimpse into my future.

The biggest issue i have is that when i was told I had Situs Inversus, the doctor just looked at me, told me then sent me home to deal with it all, and i was so overwhelmed because you start reading about fertility problems, breathing problems, heart conditions, all sorts of stuff that may or may not affect me!! I have yet to find an online source that actually tells you the proper information and its such a shame.


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