Special Dedication

I was contacted a while ago through Instagram by a lovely woman from Canada who is having a baby girl, she was doing as much research as she could after finding out her baby is going to be born with Situs Inversus, Naturally she was scared when she heard about this because like most people, its not a common thing to hear about and we all fear the unknown. She contacted me to ask for my help of understanding the condition more and getting as much information as she possibly could so that she could be the best parent possible to her daughter. Im aware how special this child is to her as shes doing this all on her own, a task i would find terrifying but one that i know she is excelling at and will excel at as her child is born and grows up. I know that every parent must be terrified of the prospect of anything being wrong with their unborn child, and also the aspect of not knowing how their life will be growing up, I hope that i have done my best to reassure her through this pregnancy and I wish her all the very best. She has been a lovely person to speak to and she makes sure to contact me at least every few weeks to ask how im getting along and also to let me know how her and baby are getting along which I have appreciated so much. 


I wish you all the best Snow white on your journey – I hope snow white finds her prince, because you already have your beautiful princess and you both deserve the best in life. 




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