Well i never…

Last night i was at a friends house, a few of us had got together and my boyfriend tagged along aswell, the night was getting later and we were all getting drunker ( as it happens ) and we got onto the conversation of work and what everyone does, well my answer of course was. oh i dont work at the minute, which then led to my boyfriend telling the whole party about my weird being backwards business, i was somewhat embarrassed because people always start to ask questions and i never know what to say, but one guy actually said.. can i shake your hand? Because then i can say i have shook hands with someone whos heart is in the wrong place. I laughed at this but shook his hand anyway, but it did get me thinking… I am unique, i am different, I am 1 in 22,000 people – but then isnt everyone unique in their own way? we are all special and different and weird. I just happen to have my heart in the wrong place, but i like to say – My heart might be on the right, but its still in the right place – 



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