More bad news!

I feel as if the world is out to get me these days! Im sure the doctor thinks im a hypochondriac ( or else im just a really ill person) Id been having really bad issues with my stomach, feeling sick and sore and bloated and yucky all the time with no energy, but never managed to tell my doctor – well today id a routine check up on my heart stuff! Boring!! Well he told me that i either have one of two things, irratable bowel syndrome or else Coeliac Disease – Which means im unable to digest gluten products – this is a nightmare for me, because i LOVE bread and pizza and gravy and lots of gluten-y food – Now however the doctor is making me do all the usual tests for this however i do have to cut out some gluten products from my diet just to see if it helps! So far so bad – because iv went on the official website to find out what i can eat, and this is not a good thing!!!

Im a bit of a loss these days because i feel like im always sick and people are going to think im just a weirdo who always has something wrong with them – but what can you do!



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