Update is well needed i think ! 

So i had an appointment with the Hospital on Halloween morning, bit crazy because it was packed out! had an appointment with the Ear/Nose/throat doctor, which has been long coming!!! It was great to finally get the appointment and get some information on whats happening with me! cause nobody likes being left in the dark. new experience for me, in that i got a hearing test which was kinda annoying because the beeping is so agressive, luckily i passed okay, some of my hearing is slightly crap because of my sinus issues and it all being connected. I met this really great doctor ( kinda good looking too!) who knew straight away after reading my file what is wrong with me, FINALLY AT LAST! A Doctor who knows what the hell to do ! He has diagnosed me with Chronis Sinusitis, which i think i sorta already knew but to have it confirmed has been great, downside tho is that he has put me on a lot of medication! So im on antibiotics for 6 weeks, Steroids for a week, Nose drops for 6 weeks, Nasal Spray for 3 months and then my usual meds im already taking! results in 11 tablets per day and lying upside for drops to go in – not a comfy position i can assure you, but if it helps then i wont complain, The doctor explained that he has to do all this before i see him in January as he is wanting to take me in for surgery, which i am a bit scared of because i havent had any major surgery done before, or actually any surgery apart from my teeth being pulled out as a child and for some reason the fact he is messing with my face is a bit scary, i kinda like my nose the way it is!! but hes going to repair my deviated septum, and my sinuses so i guess in the long run, when i can finally smell the roses again! and more importantly be able to breathe properly it will all be worth it. This month i have an important heart scan to go to, to see whats happening inside that little red backwards thing, and why im having heart palpitations etc. So with the year coming to an end soon, i can reflect on the fact it has had its ups and downs, i have been sick alot, i had to stop working, I got diagnosed with severe depression and other health issues, but the good parts – my family who have been amazing and there for me every step of the way, my boyfriend who i can assure felt the full force of my anger and stress at this year and is still with me, even though i know i dont deserve it. I look forward to 2014 being a better year.


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