New year – 2014 –

So 2013 was a terrible year for me, im not going to lie and say yeah it was awesome… really it was terrible, like completely awful!! I was sick most of the year, i got diagnosed with severe depression, i wanted to end my own life, i was in and out of the hospital, i had my first and least favourite trip ever in an ambulance and spent hours in A&E, i am partially deaf until i get my ears and nose sorted out, and i lost my best friend ( my dog) while everything else was on top of me!!  Fantastic ey!!


But i realised that this year instead of dwelling on the bad that i have went through i will focus on the good, staying positive and all that jazz! So lets see. 2014 – I am still with my amazing boyfriend ( darren ) and it will be our three year anniversary in July! Who knew he could me this long or that the really annoying little ginger kid who sat beside me in maths would turn out to be the love of my life 🙂

I have decided on doing a degree which i am due to start in Feb this year, I finally know what i wana do when i grow up! So im starting a degree in English literature which im both anxious and excited about. 

Im ready for a change in my life i have to say and i know that the only person who can make that change is myself, 


I would like to just take note here to say congrats to two very lovely people Yasmin & Andrea who both gave birth to their darling little babies at the end of 2013, Their babies are both born with situs inversus!!! I wish them all the love and blessings in the world for 2014 and i hope they treasure their babies, 


Peace & Love 



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