About Me

So you want to get to know me 

lets see – My name is Michelle ( Hello again ) and im currently 23 years old even though i look at best maybe 17 on a good day? depends on what im wearing i guess, im only 5ft 1 which i suppose doesnt help people realise im actually an adult and not a teenager! Im a little obsessed with Harry potter, but come on! who isnt? oh your not? Pity! I love harry potter and will find a use everyday to use a harry potter quote to make people feel better or just make myself chuckle, yes i own all the books, all the movies, and my greatest ambition is to own a wand from Harry Potter.

So i guess you could say im a little bit of a geek? Well you would be spot on with that judgement, I’ve never been one of the popular pretty ones at school, i was the small, quietly spoken talkative one, who always put their hand up and knew the answers kinda girl and you know what? Im proud of that! I’ve never aspired to be one of the popular ones in belief that looks fade but brains is forever.

I adore my family and my boyfriend, who have been there every step of the way for me, my parents especially are two very incredible people who may at times drive me crazy but have never failed to be there when i need them. I have two sisters and a brother – all of who are married and all who have children, resulting in six neices and nephews who i all love very much even if they are slightly crazy and hyper most of the time, My brother and I, have a particularly special bond i think resulting in that he is the closest to be in terms of age and even that is a big gap ( 11 years would you believe) My older sisters are both nearly 40 and one lives in England although we have always remained close due to her not gettin married til i was around 14, the oldest sister moved out when i was 7 and i felt i never really got to know her, not helped by her distance from us after she got married ( her choice i guess)

Also id like to mention my amazing boyfriend Darren, who I celebrated my two year anniversary with on Monday 8th July (wooo) and who thankfully puts up with alot of sickness, moaning and me being a general pain in the arse like most girlfriends are! He has been incredibly good to me and I plan to love him forever, or at least as long as he lets me.


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