Adult & SitusInversus

So as I have mentioned I found out about my Situs Inversus totally by accident, and in a way I was glad I had lived my life without this information for the reason that I didn’t have to grow up worrying or being the weird child who’s organs were the wrong way round, I had a normal childhood with the exception that I was sick quite alot, my immune system is shot to bits and if someone near me was sick I would have ended up twice as bad they were. Finding out was a big shock for me, i remember sitting in the doctors office when he told me and just looking at him like.. you cant be serious? backwards? how is that possible?! I think even my doctor was pretty shocked, having been my doctor my whole life he was flabbergasted he had never found out about it until now. what preceded the doctor’s was me ringing to tell my parents, after that came alot of jokes from my older brother about how I was a weirdo, and how this made sense as i never manage to finish things and only ever get them half done ( hilarious right?) then came the aforementioned Googling off things, never EVER Google anything medical by the end of the day i was in tears and became obsessed with finding out as much information as I possibly could, before realising this was unhealthy and silly as it wasn’t helping me to get the real information. 

Now however two years down the line, and a million hospital appointments, I feel quite honored to be able to say… yeah im actually kinda different from most people. 

My million hospital appointments started after they had discovered my little flaw, and sent me for routine tests on my chest and sinuses to find out why i was having so much problem breathing – i found as i got older that i haven’t been able to play as much sports as id like or go to the gym because it near kills me. 

Currently im waiting on appointments with Ears nose and throat doctors, chest clinics and also the heart clinic ( more info on the blogging with these ) so once i find out more im willing to share it all with you merry folks….




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