Growing Up Different –

Growing up I never knew that i was any different from people, I wasnt aware of my Situs Inversus totalis and So im lucky in that it never affected me the way im sure most people would be, i know for certain that if my parents had been made aware of this they would have worried and been more cautious than they should have been.

I was a normal child who maybe suffered slightly more from chest infections and lung infections that most children, I had a bad inner ear infection as a baby which resulted in me having to stay in hospital for a longish time and this resulted in having to spend a great deal of time having my ears syringed growing up (disgusting thing to be doing ) My Chest has always been bad in the sense i had asthma and chest infections etc but nothing too serious thankfully.

As a teenager i was active and healthy and played alot of sports like hockey, basketball ( yes short people play too ) and i also did my duke of edinburgh award and my chest problems never got in the way of doing anything normal teenagers do.

I know that when you go onto google you can find out all of these worst case scenarios regarding your child having SitusInverus but I know from my own experience that you having nothing to worry about, in fact you should feel extra blessed that your child is going to be 1 in a 12,000 people to be born with this, thats a pretty rare thing? Also people tend to worry about kartengers syndrome ( which im currently being tested for ) the chances of that is 50% of those with situs inversus having that, so even rarer again.

Ive had quite a few pregnant women get in contact with me through instagram worrying about their unborn child and the complications it can cause, i even had one who was unsure if she could go through with the pregnancy because she was worried she was going to have a sick child all the time, this is completely ridiculous, yes i was sick a good bit as a child but it never stopped me from achieving what i wanted, my advice to you parents – Dont treat your baby like its going to break, your child will be normal, healthy as they can be, and they are special!

If anyone does have any questions for me, feel free to email me on: or comment 🙂



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