Where do i find it?

Ive had such problems with finding out information about my condition, and finding sites that dont scare me into being worried about how i am, Alot of sites tell you that there is no complications and that you live a long healthy life, and while this may be true for some people, anyone i have met with this condition does have some amount of problems, whether they be little or severe.

I have talked to a few people that i found through instagram who have the condition and they have told me about what problems they have been going through and i have found it really interesting, probably more because at this stage i am being tested for so many different things its kinda like a glimpse into my future.

The biggest issue i have is that when i was told I had Situs Inversus, the doctor just looked at me, told me then sent me home to deal with it all, and i was so overwhelmed because you start reading about fertility problems, breathing problems, heart conditions, all sorts of stuff that may or may not affect me!! I have yet to find an online source that actually tells you the proper information and its such a shame.


whats that?

so I havent really wrote anything in a few days but I have been writing ideas for what people might be interested to know 🙂 although im not actually sure if anyone is reading! but sure.
past few days with this heat its been affecting my chest and iv been in agony having hayfever doesnt help either. iv just been laying down and making sure I drink plenty and being a general moan if im honest!  im the worst sick person which is terrible as I am always sick (lol) anyways more to come so stay tuned x


so an interesting fact about me… I have no sense of smell!  this is due to the fact I have a deviated septum and an abnormally thick cillia in my nose which causes problems, this is pretty strange but having never had a sense of smell ive never known any different.

The downside

Today has been a bit of a crappy day since my previous post ive been ill for the rest of the day and in bed since like 7pm, my biggest problem with all of this is my severe chest problems,  im going to do a proper blog about what exactly I go through with regards to chest and breathing difficulty,  but a quick summary is basically it sucks. I have to do breathing exercises, inhalers, I struggle to walk short distances when its really bad. like I said il update more on this really soon.

its off!

so as you saw in my last post I had a 24hr heartbeat monitor on, which was uncomfortable to say the least felt like my skin was being ripped off by the sticky pads on me, sleeping was also pretty awkward because I had to wear this little bag with the monitor around me. thankfully though it was only 24 hours and I was at the hospital bright and early this morning to get it off… unfortunately I thought the nurse was going to rip my skin off, he was a firm believer in rippin the bandaid off in one go… im not a believer of this! as it hurts like hell. but its off now and I get the results in two weeks 🙂 ♡ so as soon as I find out what’s happening il update all of you. ciao x

Heart Tape Recording

So today I had another visit to the hospital! Joy !! this time i had to go to get a heart taping done, which basically means i have alot of stuff stuck onto me and a wee bag with a tape recording my heartbeats to carry around, kinda embarrasing so im hiding in the house in order not to be seen by anyone looking like a weirdo. The reason id to get this was because i began having severe heart palpitations a few months ago which lead to panic attacks and the doctors are trying to find out what the hell is going on with me! id like to know too funny enough…..

The Truth about Me!

I thought id start off with a little introduction for all of my possible readers out there – My name is Michelle (hello), im a 23 year old girl from Northern ireland –

The reason i started this blog was because i have a rare condition called Situs Inversus Totalis, which means in english that i never developed to my full potential in the womb and my organs (top half, heart, lungs, kidneys etc etc, never turned the whole 360 degrees they should have and instead ended up backwards) however i only found out about this when i turned 21 due to a recent bad lung infection the hospital decided to do a routine chest scan on me and the doctors discovered all of this, incredible right? Well as i was saying, the reason for the blog is that i use instagram like most of us lot out there do, for our selfies and random food photographs, but i found that my #situsinversus was getting quite a few questions from people out there who were having kids that are going to be born this way or just wanted more information, which is when i realised that you know what? there isn’t enough info out there from a first hand basis, its all science and doctors and comes across as kinda scary!? trust me – i know this because when i found out, i did what most people do and started to Google things!!! bad idea buddy! this is when you get confused, scared and downright terrified of the prospect your child or you have this condition. So i’m hoping this blog will show a lighthearted insight into whats it really like.

Along the way i’m just going to throw in some personal information and stories aswell as stuff I think readers will enjoy,

Ciao x